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What Keeps IT Pros Up At Night?

It’s not easy being an IT pro these days.

We at BWW Media Group know what IT workers are going through because they’ve been telling us in our forums and comments. We also know because we asked them outright what keeps them up at night. We wanted to know, first-hand, what their biggest concerns are.

In our recent, annual comprehensive survey of our readers at our IT pro site,, we queried readers about what they most hope to accomplish in 2018 and 2019 — and what they worry may stand in their ways.

Their runaway number 1 answer was the ability to decipher tech trends so they can excel at their jobs. They want to make sure they are staying up-to-date with constantly changing technologies and concepts across the hardware/software/services stack. They want to be ready to handle upgrades, migrations, and deployments, all of which is happening at an increasingly rapid pace.

The number 2 area of focus among our IT pro readers was, interestingly, teamwork. They want to make sure they are up to the tasks of staffing, training and motivating their employees. They admit they’re stressed about maintaining appropriate priorities and knowledge levels in their organizations. In short, they want tools and tips for collaborating better.

Unsurprisingly, money concerns are also at the top of our readers’ priority lists. Budgets, resources, funding, and capital can be the stuff of nightmares unless IT pros stay on top of their games.

That’s where we at BWW Media Group fit in. Our authors and our community appreciate IT pros’ goals and concerns. Our mission is to help keep IT pros relevant by helping them understand the tech they need to keep their businesses thriving. And we believe this position gives us a unique niche in today’s tech publishing landscape.