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IT Pros' Top Priorities

Change is happening fast, and nowhere more so than in the IT space.

We at BWW Media Group understand this well. We understand what tech pros are going through these days and have made it a top priority to help them stay relevant.

One of the best ways we feel we can help is by understanding what matters most to our readers and serving up relevant content from our trusted and established author base.

We recently conducted a comprehensive survey of our readers at, our IT pro site, and, our tech enthusiast site. We asked our readers about their top priorities for the rest of this year and 2019. We wanted to understand what they wanted to accomplish most in their current roles — to get a read on their mandates.

The number one priority among the IT pro readership at among readers of companies of all sizes was tech advancement. Our readers are on the front lines and are obsessed with upgrades, deployments, migrations, and hardware/software rollouts. They are walking the tightrope between the desire for stability and the need to be modernizing and updating their organizations’ infrastructure. Because technologies are advancing so rapidly, our IT audience needs to be constantly learning and refreshing their skills.

The number two priority among Petri’s readers was security — how to achieve it and ensure they continue to maintain it when attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. And their number three concern was ensuring industry leadership, via certifications, standardization, business continuation, marketing, and new product and service deliverables.

All three of these priorities make it clear there’s a pressing need for high quality, up-to-date, relevant content among IT pros. They need to stay current so they can best apply their tech knowledge and know-how. And BWW Media Group is answering that call in a targeted way that fills a unique niche in the tech publishing industry.