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Our 2019 Technology Audience

At BWW Media Group, we have two primary flagship sites, and We like to say that we have the tech audience covered through those two sites. For instance, on, we know that our primary readers are the IT Professionals whose jobs it is every day to keep end-users productive at organizations and therefore keeping businesses humming and hopefully growing. We also know we have IT Decision Makers consuming on both our sites.

On our site, we define that site as news, reviews, and analysis catering to the “Tech Enthusiast.” Our description of the Tech Enthusiast? Well, the Tech Enthusiast is someone that just loves technology, wants to know what is happening within the big tech companies (GAMA) and is really interested in how to get the most out of personal technologies. Our sites enjoy a healthy and growing audience and it’s because of our editor’s commitment on both sites to delivering quality content and engaging experience.

In order to do that, we want to focus on content that is important to our audiences. The only way to do that is to know more about the audience and as of 2018, we have committed to an annual survey to do just that. We are happy to share our annual audience survey with you and with the industry. As we mature and get smarter, so will this survey. As for now, hope you appreciate our survey detailing who is on our sites and what their tech concerns and priorities are for 2019.

Tina Miletich
President, BWW Media Group

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