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IT in the Age of COVID-19

We cover tech on our properties, and, because we are passionate about the importance it plays in all our lives – at work and at home. Technology is so ingrained in how we live our lives and do our jobs and even heal our sick bodies that we understand the dependence society, in general, has on technology.

On, we publish content that is truly aimed at helping IT Pros do their jobs more easily, find help when they need it, and stay abreast of the latest in technology changes. In a recent analysis, we realized that some of our content is trending two years ahead. This makes us feel good that we have the answers for those on the cutting-edge and for those adopting technology in their organizations at a more measured pace. We create this content out of a firm belief that inside organizations are a multitude of unsung heroes who continue to keep the lights on and the technology running – in essence, keeping businesses alive.

On, you can also learn what is happening in the tech industry, but geared more to personal tech and aimed at the small businesses who need technology answers. We recognize the difficult time that our audiences and all of us face, both now and in the future. We believe in technology helping us try to stay centered in the new normal in which we all find ourselves. We also want to THANK all the technology professionals out there for working so hard to keep the businesses going, supporting all your end-users and for helping us through this new IT age.

We are here for our audience and our partners. For us, it is business as usual, and we will continue to produce the content you seek to help you do your jobs and live your lives as non-disrupted as possible — even though we recognize that seems unlikely.

We welcome any questions or thoughts. Please feel free to reach out if there is some resource you are looking for help on and we will do our best to try and find the answers.

Stay healthy and well,
Tina and George