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Helping your Buyers Sell Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Autumn marks a risky season for disasters in the U.S. From hurricanes along the East Coast and Gulf states to wildfires in the West, the forces of nature will be top news — and top of mind for IT professionals who may go to heroic lengths to salvage data when things go very wrong.

Less dramatic but more frequent: Power outages, security breaches and data corruption are high on the list of issues that can bring a business to a screeching halt.

When disaster strikes, the best outcome is seamless continuity of business operations. How can marketers support IT buyers who are looking to handle crises so well that most of the organization never realize they occurred?

Creating a comprehensive recovery plan means your buyers need to implement regular backups of mission-critical data, redundant systems that can take over when a primary site goes offline — and the technological savvy and processes to ensure these tools are used properly.

Here are three ways you can help IT buyers organize for the unexpected.

Help IT buyers create their DR plans with current guides and how-tos

Most organizations have recently experienced some sort of disruptive IT event. Even if the corner offices are barely aware of a close brush with expensive downtime, the IT pros you’re speaking with probably have fresh memories of rescuing data from oblivion.

The fact is, most companies could be doing more to ensure IT uptime in the face of disaster. Providing them the collateral they need about the latest DR technologies — and impress them upon revenue leaders — could help IT buyers convey urgency to business stakeholders, then provide a solution.

Encourage buyers to test their DR plans

Most organizations have some sort of backup system in place, but many fewer actually conduct tests of a comprehensive system that keeps operations going and restores lost data.

IT buyers themselves may have put DR testing on the back burner as they solve more immediate problems. That’s risky business that could crash the company — and their careers.

Share information that lowers this barrier to entry, and make yourself a trusted partner as they tailor DR and business continuity plans to their specific needs.

Be a resource when business changes affect DR plans

In addition to unexpected technology events that put DR processes to the test, organizations are prone to their own seismic shifts. International expansion, outsourcing efforts, and mergers and acquisitions are among the changes that change the landscape for DR and business continuity.

As a business’ organization and geography changes, its data infrastructure will evolve as well — and backup and recovery need to keep up. As they learn about new organizational developments, smart marketers can help buyers hold firm as the corporate ground shifts.