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Help IT buyers get the drop on tech obstacles

Like Bruce Willis’ resourceful hero in “Die Hard,” many IT pros are working odd hours in empty buildings to stave off looming security threats.

To prove themselves as real partners through thick and thin, vendors should make themselves the helpful voice that keeps these decision-makers up to date on the latest outside developments that may help them reach their goal — or blow up on them.

A recent survey of readers painted a clear picture of their changing roles and biggest concerns. While many workforces remain distributed in response to the social-distancing requirements of COVID-19, almost 90% of these IT professionals reported that they need to spend at least some of their time onsite.

And what are they doing there? Many of them are keeping a lonely vigil over new remote networking capabilities their companies have purchased since the pandemic — with a special focus on keeping those remote connections safe from cyberthreats.

That’s reflected in the result of the Petri survey: Security was the No. 1 challenge respondents reported, followed by the task of managing displaced end users. Indeed, 49% of Petri readers said they’re considering new solutions to improve the management of remote workers’ systems.

Also high on IT pros’ shopping lists: cloud-based infrastructure solutions and communication tools. As an increasing number of companies reconsider how much they should invest in office space post-pandemic, the move away from onsite or hybrid infrastructure makes more sense than ever. And as a bonus, it could help your IT partners escape from those abandoned buildings.

So what’s a smart marketer to do? As IT pros stay ahead of fast-moving threats that may be introduced to their systems by distanced end users, present yourself as a resource to help navigate this uncertain terrain.

Your buyers are heads down solving novel challenges, so their time is tight … But they also can benefit from a partner who can stand lookout and report on new remote-management capabilities — as well as incoming threats from the bad guys.

Every hero needs a sidekick; offer your services, and you’re likely to make yourself an essential part of the team.

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