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BWW Media Group / Enticing the IT Buyer - Research Report

Enticing the IT Buyer - Research Report

What are the factors influencing high-stakes technology purchases from IT professionals? 

Here at BWW Media Group we decided to dive deeper and ask our IT Pro audience what their real-life concerns and responsibilities are as technology professionals when it comes to software and hardware purchases within their organizations.

We recently polled our audience to get a line on their role in the purchase process and the most important factors in their choices. The results suggest smart moves for tech brands that want to be trusted partners to the key decision-makers, the IT professionals deciding, installing and maintaining those tech solutions.

With so much on the line, in terms of data, security and overall operations, IT professionals need more than a pat on the back for a job well done. We heard from our IT pro audience that they need to make sure business doesn’t stop. And, they need to anticipate where infrastructure and processes shortcomings may originate from with regards to the technologies their internal business partners need.

More and more, IT decision makers are being invited into inter-department meetings to be a key resource on how to move forward with new initiatives within the business. They want to be secure in recommending new technology that will support not only goals but the stability of the organization. In addition to a job well done, their IT pro reputations are also on the line.

All that pressure presents a great opportunity for tech marketers to engage with the IT pro to ease their tensions on investing in new technology. The good news for aspiring market partners is that when the tech buyer trusts you and your solution, you are most likely to be with them through future tech purchasing phases.

Learn more about our community of IT pros and their every-day working environments by reading our 2019 research report: Enticing the IT Buyer

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