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Tech Pros Know About BWW Media Group

It’s a tough time to be in tech publishing. If you don’t have a solid value proposition and a distinct niche, you’re probably not going to survive.

At BWW Media Group, we believe we have both. And so does our audience.

Take a look at and, our flagship brands for savvy technology professionals. And make sure you check out our forums.

At a time when many in tech are too busy or jaded to share tips, tricks and advice with their peers, the and forums are booming with quality discussions.

There’s a reason: We are keeping a pulse on the technologists. We know what makes these people tick. We get what keeps them up at night. We understand how and why they make the decisions that they do.

BWW Media Group epitomizes what tech publishing should be in our space — a way to help the tech audience be informed, open to learning and able to find practical, up-to-date help and how-tos.

It’s an area other publishers would love to address. But without a solid knowledge base, fueled by authors and community participants with years of experience in the business, it’s not easy. Our writers are known and respected in this field. And they love working and conversing with the tech-pro community.

IT professionals and technology consumers’ lives are in the midst of radically changing, due to the ever-quickening pace of technology developments. Just a couple of years ago, many viewed the cloud with suspicion and skepticism. Now, smart tech professionals understand it’s where the industry and their jobs are moving.

If you’re a marketer who wants to reach technologists, we want to talk to you. We want to share our insights into what this audience wants and needs. Just look at our sites: This audience likes what we’re doing because we’re doing things differently.

Our flagship sites are blogs sharing information with the IT pro and Tech enthusiast audience. This blog is dedicated to marketers trying to reach that audience. Both are important in this Tech publishing ecosystem and we feel we are uniquely placed to educate the tech marketer on the goals and interests of our audiences.